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As a kid Belinda aspired to be a detective or a novelist. She lived in the country and the abandoned house next door made the perfect detective agency for her and her eleven-year-old cousin. They didn’t have any clients but they did find a skull once (probably a dog’s, not a missing person). But Belinda wasn’t athletic enough to be a detective so she opted for writing instead which requires much less fitness and a lot more sitting around. Plus it keeps the danger in the novels where it belongs.

As a teenager, when things got boring in class, Belinda wrote exercise-book long stories which were passed around her entire school. Readers wrote comments and requests for certain plots, characters, romances and deaths. She still has some of them -the first version of The Prize being one of them. At University, between innumerable coffee-breaks and lectures on Russia, medieval Arthurian romance, Greek philosophy and Shakespeare, Belinda re-wrote The Prize. 1100 very messy handwritten pages. This was before computers.

A series of jobs followed – journalism, youthwork, pre-school teaching, waitressing, ticket sales for concerts. But The Prize wouldn’t leave her alone! After a Degree in Counselling, Diploma in Careers Guidance and Masters in Adult Education, Belinda returned to writing. The nine-book Kainnan series poured out in four years – action/adventure stories weaving between Earth and the alternate world of Kainnan, interspersed with mental health concepts and a dash of romance.

Nowadays Belinda counsels, teaches life and relationship skills, speaks at youth and women’s conferences and church events and writes books that visit other worlds and kingdoms. She is a prolific traveller (81 countries and counting), reads constantly and watches movies that inspire her to create stories which bypass the mundane to explore what God and life are really all about. Belinda lives in Christchurch New Zealand with her husband Matt and their two wonderfully creative and adventurous kids, Jasper and Scarlett.