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As a kid Belinda aspired to be a detective or a novelist. She lived in the country and the abandoned house next door made the perfect detective agency for her and her eleven-year-old cousin. They didn’t have any clients but they did find a skull once (probably a dog’s, not a missing person). But Belinda wasn’t athletic enough to be a detective so she opted for writing instead which requires much less fitness and a lot more sitting around. Plus it keeps the danger in the novels where it belongs.

As a teenager, when things got boring in class, Belinda wrote exercise-book long stories which were passed around her entire school. Readers wrote comments and requests for certain plots, characters, romances and deaths. She still has some of them -the first version of The Prize being one of them. At University, between innumerable coffee-breaks and lectures on Russia, medieval Arthurian romance, Greek philosophy and Shakespeare, Belinda re-wrote The Prize. 1100 very messy handwritten pages. This was before computers.

A series of jobs followed – journalism, youthwork, pre-school teaching, waitressing, ticket sales for concerts. But The Prize wouldn’t leave her alone! After a Degree in Counselling, Diploma in Careers Guidance and Masters in Adult Education, Belinda returned to writing. The nine-book Kainnan series poured out in four years – action/adventure stories weaving between Earth and the alternate world of Kainnan, interspersed with mental health concepts and a dash of romance.

Nowadays Belinda counsels, teaches life and relationship skills, speaks at youth and women’s conferences and church events and writes books that visit other worlds and kingdoms. She is a prolific traveller (81 countries and counting), reads constantly and watches movies that inspire her to create stories which bypass the mundane to explore what God and life are really all about. Belinda lives in Christchurch New Zealand with her husband Matt and their two wonderfully creative and adventurous kids, Jasper and Scarlett. 


The Kainnan Series

Kainnan: The Prize

Book 1 of 9

When a group of strangers win a competition they never entered, they embark on the adventure of a lifetime. Expecting a tropical holiday, instead Noah, Katerina, Alice and Caleb find themselves in the dangerous world of Kainnan. To return home is far from simple – they will need to stop the four rebellious children of Kainnan’s ruler, King Wilhelm. The catch – not only will they encounter constant danger, they will need to face their own personal demons back on earth too.


With mutinous priests, deadly drinks, hidden treasure, supernatural rings, bombs and assassins, Kainnan will test the group to their limits in The Prize.

Kainnan: The Uncovering

Book 2 of 9

Following their life-threatening experiences on Kainnan, Noah and Katerina are looking forward to a normal life – if normal includes living in hiding. But with the elusive Wilhelm still alive and plotting multiple takeovers, Aaron the priest needs their help, along with Ryder and Summer who are facing challenges of their own, if Kainnan is to be saved. With the truth and deception rings in play, treachery abounds as Summer, Ryder, Noah and Katerina struggle to uncover Wilhelm’s plans. Assassination attempts and their own emotional pain will obstruct their efforts to save Kainnan from the greatest peril it has ever faced. 


Action-packed from beginning to end, love, risk, pain, duplicity and the facing of agonizing grief are powerfully played out on the intermingling worlds of Kainnan and earth in The Uncovering.

Kainnan: The Switch

Book 3 of 9

Back on Earth after nearly losing their lives on the alternate world of Kainnan, Noah, Katerina, Summer and Ryder are desperate to catch and eliminate the tyrant Wilhelm once and for all.  Yet within hours, one is kidnapped, one poisoned and one set up for assassination, whilst Wilhelm is in control of a new and deadly weapon. With both Kainnan and Earth in jeopardy, dangerous plans are set in motion to save the three and stop Wilhelm. But it is Summer who will face the greatest challenge - confronting the pain in her past in an attempt to win freedom for them all. 


Fast-paced yet deeply moving, The Switch weaves together dangerous exploits and nail-biting suspense with introspective, honest and tender moments.

Kainnan: Redemption

Book 4 of 9

After three epic battles, it had seemed that Kainnan would finally be safe and stable under King Magnus’s capable rule. But in the wake of the tyrant Wilhelm’s death, the influence of three dangerous individuals is growing rapidly: Wilhelm’s right-hand man Lucan, Elias Kraven the drug-lord and Magnus’s twin sister Morgana. As if encountering the three most deadly criminals on Kainnan were not enough, Ravyn and Zavier soon realize there is a far more demanding challenge they must confront too - facing the traumas of their past to secure their own salvation.

Shifting between dual worlds and exploring themes of revenge and restoration; love, loyalty and passion,
Redemption is a gripping adventure that will enthrall you to the very end.

Kainnan: The Challenge

Book 5 of 9

With the impact of Elias Kraven’s deadly virus ever-increasing on both Earth and the alternate world of Kainnan, King Magnus requests Ravyn’s help in capturing Elias. Yet Elias has plans of his own, demanding the King face him in a contest to determine who will rule the kingdom. Within twenty-four hours, Kainnan is embroiled in the seven challenges of the Saptevoca. But as contestants fight to win control of the land for their chosen leader, tragedy strikes repeatedly. Multiple assassinations, a fatal bomb, deadly spies, betrayals and deception meet Ravyn, Zavier and Magnus’s people at every turn. Yet ultimately, the final battle will rest on choices made on Earth.

Love and fear collide amidst lethal games, unexpected miracles, turbulent romances and the challenging quest for emotional wholeness in
The Challenge.

The Kainnan Wager: Brave

Book 6 of 9

Kainnan is a kingdom in chaos. Lust and gluttony, fear and violence, drugs and deception greet Milla and her four companions as they search the alternate world for Milla’s missing twin Aidan. A fortuitous encounter allies them with the Archan Underground; the organization fighting to de-throne the destructive rulers of Kainnan. Yet even with such backing, the forces arrayed against them are vast: the terrible King Viggo and his cruel servants; Jonas, leader of the Resistance, who has his own personal interest in the group from Earth; and an ally who unexpectedly betrays them at the last moment…

In a world torn four ways by four divided rulers, danger, desire and daring collide in Brave, as loyalties are challenged, hearts broken, plots uncovered and fears faced in a kingdom on the very brink of ruin.

The Kainnan Wager: True

Book 7 of 9

Having chosen to throw her lot in with the hedonistic Queen Lucretia, Sienna battles to maintain her sanity in a kingdom devoted to pleasure at any cost. Meanwhile, Sienna’s friends languish in prison, fighting for their lives as the ruler toys with them all.

Their one hope is Resistance leader Jonas’s promise to free them. Yet when Lucretia moves her timetable up unexpectedly, he and Lilyana may be too late to prevent a public execution.

It falls on Sienna to make the one choice that could stop Lucretia, yet to challenge the queen’s deceptions requires facing her own – at the cost of her pride, her security, her identity - possibly her very life…


Truth and trickery clash violently against a backdrop of palace grandeur and prison heartache, cruel deceptions and undeserved devotion in True.

The Kainnan Wager: Pure

Book 8 of 9

The wedding of Florentine to Gabriel will be Kainnan’s event of the century, uniting two royal families to finally provide Santtu and Cereise with leaders who can be trusted. Yet within days, Ochran’s drugs and manipulations, the growing threat of the Loyalists and a tragedy of unimaginable proportions will shatter the fragile peace. Stretched to breaking point by the losses that result, both Lilyana and Damon make the deadliest of decisions. For the only way forward is to face the past – but it just might kill them…


From a miraculous wedding to a brutal attack, Pure is a roller-coaster ride of longing and heartbreak, hope and despair, guilt and grace – and the need to face a shameful past to secure an innocent future.

The Kainnan Wager: Free

Book 9 of 9

In the aftermath of their tragic loss, Sienna, Milla and Cairus want nothing more than to pretend Kainnan was just a terrible dream. Yet escalating danger on Earth forces them to question: why are Queen Evangeline’s most treacherous men appearing at Covenant Church? Why is Kainnan locked down, the portals inaccessible? As Covenant grows increasingly perilous for them, the Priesthood, the Underground and the Resistance come together on Kainnan to fight the queen’s insidious influence and stall her plan to attack Earth. But when the two worlds finally collide, more than one person must risk their very life to obtain freedom for them all. 


As factions align against a master manipulator on Kainnan, choice is pitted against power on Earth in the final showdowns of the Kainnan series in Free.

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My heart has been racing through so much of each story and I've felt so part of it. It's been so captivating and intense in the best way. What an epic adventure!!!



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