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Terminalle has never been so deadly…

The last place Juniper wants to be is back under cult-leader Alaric’s influence. Not content with merely ruling his own city, the dictator now has a tight grip on Terminalle, too. His lackeys roam the streets, converting people to his twisted religion. His guards control the water supply, poisoning Alaric’s enemies and permitting the Python virus to kill the most vulnerable.

Though trapped inside the palace, monitored and controlled, Juniper manages to slip critical information to the Resistance and its leader, Saxon. But Alaric’s increasingly sadistic ceremonies begin taking their toll on her. Surrounded by death and deceit, Juniper must cling to hope to maintain her sanity until the Resistance can cure Python and stop Alaric for good.

As right and wrong blur in a city turned upside down, Terminalle layers courageous resistance, clandestine missions and passionate moments with dark religious ceremonies and Python’s cruel effects.


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