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In Lumiere, nothing can be trusted...


Juniper has always lived under the oppression of Terminalle city—its continual darkness, deadly Python virus and violent ruler Lucius, who is obsessed with her. When she learns there may be a virus cure in neighboring Lumiere, she vows to do whatever it takes to obtain it for those she loves. That begins with convincing the mysterious Saxon to include her in the annual trip to the cult city.


But Lumiere proves darker than Terminalle, for its tyrannical leader Alaric intends to use Python to kill his opponents in both cities, and Juniper is part of his plan. A deadly maze-run, attempted assassinations and brain-washing ceremonies are just the beginning; Juniper must stop Alaric or lose everyone she cares about.


From the city riddled with death to the cult that demands complete allegiance, Lumiere delivers peril, deceit, and nail-biting moments, as its heroes fight to stop Alaric, cure Python and discover the truth about the God Alaric misrepresents.


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