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The end of the world begins in Katalye…


Python, Terminalle’s deadly virus, finally has a cure. But the news Juniper and Saxon receive out of nearby Katalye is devastating. Lazaran, leader of the Primates cult, has adapted the virus to make it contagious. In less than a week, he plans to infect three martyrs to initiate a deadly global pandemic.


Gathering a team and infiltrating Katalye is easy. Locating the virus and saving Lazaran’s first victims is not. Evading the Primates while dealing with brainwashed assassins, truth serums and the heartbreaking disappearance of one of their own, slows the search. And if time runs out, the consequences are certain to be fatal.


While two dangerous rulers vie for ultimate power over life and death, members of Saxon’s Resistance struggle to unify, grieve their losses and forgive their oppressors in Katalye, the city that contains the world’s deadliest virus. 


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