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Having chosen to throw her lot in with the hedonistic Queen Lucretia, Sienna battles to maintain her sanity in a kingdom devoted to pleasure at any cost. For like a beautiful fruit with a rotten core, seductions, kidnappings, deadly drugs and memory-wipes hide behind the glitter and glory of Cereise. Meanwhile Sienna’s friends languish in prison, fighting for their lives as the ruler toys with them all. 

Their one hope is Resistance leader Jonas’s promise to recruit assistance and return to free them. Yet when Lucretia moves her timetable up unexpectedly, he and Lilyana may be too late to prevent a public execution.

It falls on Sienna to make the one choice that could stop Lucretia. But as Sienna soon learns, to challenge the queen’s deceptions requires facing her own – at the cost of her pride, her security, her identity – possibly her very life…


Truth and trickery clash violently against a backdrop of palace grandeur and prison heartache, cruel deceptions and undeserved devotion in True. 

The Kainnan Wager: True

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