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With the impact of Elias Kraven’s deadly virus ever-increasing on  both Earth and the alternate world of Kainnan, King Magnus requests Ravyn’s help in capturing Elias. Yet Elias has plans of his own, demanding the King face him in a contest to determine who  will rule the kingdom. 

Within twenty-four hours, Kainnan is embroiled in the seven  challenges of the Saptevoca. But as contestants fight to win control of the land for their chosen leader, tragedy strikes repeatedly - for Elias has rigged the Saptevoca to win it. 

Multiple assassinations, a fatal bomb, deadly spies, betrayals and deception meet Ravyn, Zavier and Magnus’s people at every turn.  Yet ultimately, the final battle will rest on choices made on Earth. 


Love and fear collide amidst lethal games, unexpected miracles, turbulent romances and the challenging quest  for emotional wholeness in Kainnan: The Challenge


Kainnan: The Challenge

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